Dental Implants (Artificial Tooth Roots)

A dental implant is essentially an artificial tooth root. It is made of titanium (a very durable metal) and fuses with the jawbone. It is used to support artificial teeth (crowns), bridges, dentures or facial prosthesis.

Dental implants are core of reconstructive dentistry where decayed or lost teeth are replaced with artificial teeth.

Implants are very durable. They last more than 20 years or even a lifetime.

Implants have been being applied for several years. Their technology is well-established. Additionally, we use only internationally-certified brands, and expert surgeons perform the implant operation. 

Yes. All implant brands we use have certification and manufacturer warranty. Additionally, there is clinic’s warranty for the implants placed.

Number of implants applied varies across patients. Every case is unique. An implant can be used to support more than one tooth. So, each lost tooth does not mean an implant. For example, 7-8 implants might be sufficient for a full-jaw treatment (14 teeth).

If the patient has bone decay in jawbones, sinus lifting or bone grafting might be required together with implants.

Typical full-jaw treatments include 7-8 implants per jaw. Available options are all-on-6, all-on-4 and locator system. Patients make their decisions based on surgeon’s recommendations and cost considerations.

Operation itself is not very long; 2-3 nights stay in Istanbul is typically enough. For full-jaw or full-mouth treatments, 6-7 nights stay might be required.

Yes. When the number of implants is high, patients are given temporary dentures for the healing period.

Almost all the time, implants are complemented with artificial teeth (crowns). In fact, implants and crowns are 2 main components of reconstructive dentistry. Crowns are placed to your mouth after healing period of implants (3-6 months). Zirconium and Metal Porcelain are 2 most common materials used for crowns. For more information, please refer to our relevant article

Local anesthesia is used for implant operation. General anesthesia is not required. If you have preference for general anesthesia, please inform us from the beginning.

Booking The Operation

Treatment plan can be developed online. We need pictures or X-ray of your mouth. Also, you can share your treatment plan received from another institution with us. You can contact us via chat, WhatsApp or e-mail.

Yes. We offer treatment packages that cover transfers in Istanbul and hotel bookings. Please refer to our patient guide for more details.