Other Dental Treatments

In addition to implants and veneers /crowns, we offer a variety of dental treatments. These can be applied stand alone or as part of smile design or implant treatments:

  • Fillings and Aesthetic Fillings

Filling is the removal of decayed parts from tooth and filling the resulting cavity with special material. It is very durable and prevents further decay of teeth. Fillings are also used to heal broken or worn down teeth.

It is possible to use special white material to have a more aesthetic look. This treatment is called aesthetic filling. Filling are completed in 1 day.

  • Teeth Cleaning, Whitening

Even with best dental care, teeth might get yellowish over time. Teeth stones might build up, giving an unpleasant feeling. These are not major dental health issues. Still, it is advised to address them for comfort and healthier looks. Cleaning and whitening operations are simple operations and only one visit to clinic is required. Typical duration of procedure is 2 hours.

  • Root Canal Treatment

Root canal treatment is the removal of pulp and nerve from inside of the tooth. It might be done to prevent infection of badly decayed tooth or as part of veneer/crown application. It is completed in one day.

  • Tooth Extraction

If tooth damage is beyond repair, tooth must be removed for application of other treatments such as crowns or bridges. Also, wisdom teeth extraction is a common practice for comfort of the patient.

  • Sinus Lifting

Aim of sinus lifting is to increase amount of bone tissue in the upper jaw. It is typically required in implant cases when there is bone decay. It helps to achieve required base for implants.

Booking The Operation

Treatment plan be developed online. We need at least pictures from your mouth. If available, X-ray is helpful. Also, you can share your treatment plan received from another institution with us. You can contact us via chat, WhatsApp or e-mail

Yes, we offer all-inclusive packages that covers transfers in Istanbul and hotel bookings. Please refer to our patient guide for more details.