Before The Operation

Treatment plan can be developed online. You can contact us via chat, WhatsApp or e-mail. Either of the following items can be used for diagnosis and treatment plan development:

  • X-ray of your mouth
  • Picture of your mouth (upper jaw, lower jaw and closing position with visible smile)
  • Diagnosis and treatment plan received from another institution

Visit duration differs across different treatments.
Low number of implants require 2 nights stay. If implant number is higher and temporary dentures are required, 6 nights stay is preferred.
For veneers and crowns, at least 4 nights is required. Usually, 6-7 nights stay is preferred for this kind of treatments.

Our treatment package includes the following items:

  • Free online consultation
  • Agreed treatment
  • Auxiliary services such as X-ray and temporary teeth
  • Transfers from/to airport in Istanbul
  • Hotel stay for the operation duration

Yes. Please inform us about the details. We will make the hotel reservations accordingly.

Yes. You can choose to stay at a different hotel, or to combine your treatment with a pre-planned visit to Istanbul. If you inform us about your plan, we will arrange your appointments accordingly.  

Visa requirement changes from country to country. British citizens can obtain it online in 2-3 working days. You can find more information on the official website:

No. Treatment package does not include plane tickets.

Istanbul airport (IST) is the first choice for coming to Istanbul. Sabiha Gokcen (SAW) also works.

On The Operation Day

Your first day at the clinic starts with taking an X-ray of your mouth. X-ray is essential to thoroughly understand the dental case. Then, you have a diagnosis and discussion section with the expert doctor. Here the treatment plan is finalized. Afterwards, we proceed with the operation. All major treatments are performed on multiple days, based on the treatment plan developed. 

An English-speaking Patient Consultant helps you with your visit to Istanbul. In clinic, arranging the hotel or transfers and for other questions he/she will be your number one contact during your visit.

Local anesthesia is used in dental treatments.

General anesthesia is not required for dental treatments. However, it can be performed based on patient preferences. For general anesthesia, consent is taken from expert doctor. Also, there will be an additional cost for general anesthesia.

Yes. If required, temporary teeth are placed as part of the treatment.

After The Operation

All the treatments are under clinic’s warranty. Additionally, there is manufacturer’s warranty for the material used such as implants.