Veneers and Crowns

Veneers are thin, fitted `shells` that are made of special materials such as Zirconium, Laminate or Porcelain, and are cemented on teeth’s surface. They can be used for either just achieving an attractive look or fixing worn out, chipped, misaligned or uneven teeth

Crowns are fitted `caps` that are used to entirely cover or replace teeth. They are made of special materials such as Zirconium, Laminate or Porcelain. They can be used for a variety of purposes:

  • To be placed on top of an implant as artificial tooth
  • To be attached to a bridge as artificial tooth
  • To protect a fractured or heavily decayed tooth against further deterioration
  • To replace large fillings
  • To adjust alignment and color of teeth, especially in the front

Whereas veneers are applied to front (visible) side of the tooth, crowns cover whole tooth surface or used as a replacement for tooth.

Types are based on the material used. Most common types are metal-porcelain, zirconium and laminate.

Material selection is based on dentist’s recommendation and patient’s cost considerations.

Zirconium is the most preferred material. It is very durable and provides natural looks. It can be applied to both front and back teeth.

If primary goal is to achieve attractive looks, laminate is recommended first. Laminate is applied to front teeth only. This type of veneer application is also known as `Hollywood Smile`. Laminate is the most expensive material among three.

Metal-porcelain is used mostly for back teeth or when there are budget considerations.

Yes. All treatments carried out at the clinic are under clinic’s warranty.

Your appointment starts with taking the X-ray of your mouth. Then, there is a detailed discussion with the doctor about your considerations and operation details.

Dental procedure starts with trimming the teeth. Decayed or worn out parts are trimmed. Thus, unhealthy parts are removed and desired shape can be reached with veneers/crowns.

Then, molds are taken from your mouth. This leads to initial set of veneers/crowns. After a few iterations, final shape of veneer/and crowns are reached. At the same time, color selection for veneers/crowns is done. Aim is to always have healthy and natural looks. On the final day of the treatment, veneers/crowns are placed in their final form.

Root canal treatment might be required with crown applications. 

All-in-all, 6 days stay in Istanbul are recommended for completion of the treatment. Duration can be shorter for few numbers of teeth.

Smile Design and Hollywoood Smile

Smile design (or smile correction) is the treatment of teeth, especially the front ones, to reach desired appearance during smile. It has 2 main goals:
  • To have desired size and alignment of teeth
  • To have desired color of teeth

Smile design might be a combination of following treatments:
  • Laminate veneers/crowns
  • Zirconium veneers/crowns
  • Aesthetic (composite) filling
  • Teeth cleaning and whitening

As part of smile design, we always have a detailed discussion with the patient in the beginning and offer alternative solutions. This kind of total smile makeover is also called `Hollywood Smile`.

Booking The Operation

Treatment plan be developed online. For cases involving just veneers and crowns, pictures from your mouth is typically enough. Also, you can share your treatment plan received from another institution with us. You can contact us via chat, WhatsApp or e-mail

Yes, we offer all-inclusive packages that covers transfers in Istanbul and hotel bookings. Please refer to our patient guide for more details.